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File sharing is out of control. Our new investment restores order

We are delighted to announce our new investment in Torsion Information Services Ltd alongside Bayes Entrepreneurship Fund and The FSE Group.

Torsion solves the burgeoning problem of information access governance - managing the security and compliance challenges of sprawling access to files and folders in collaboration systems such as Microsoft Office 365.

Organisations are increasingly moving to cloud-hosted file sharing tools making it easier than ever for employees to share sensitive information with one another. That’s great for collaboration and productivity, but it also means that companies are losing control over who has access to what. A huge risk.

Established tools for managing data access permissions rely on processes managed by centralised IT teams that are easily overwhelmed when dealing with thousands of users and millions of files. Torsion takes full control of data access management, constantly monitoring and closing down inappropriate access.

Torsion's founder, Peter Bradley, experienced the problem first hand, having worked for many years as a consultant implementing these solutions. Frustrated by their poor performance over time he and Toby (CTO) set about building a solution that is dynamic enough to keep pace with the rapid changes in permission requirements; as well as providing a detailed real time analysis of risks and an audit trail of activity for auditors and regulators.

Our investment will enable Peter to grow the sales and marketing team to accelerate growth by expanding its global partner network and continue to improve and expand its product capabilities.

We believe that Torsion will redefine the world of corporate data access and, in doing so, build a large and very successful business.


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