The syndicate was established in 2011 and is a growing network of more than 200 investors managed by the Juno team.


Our mission is simple:

  • • To provide members with attractive and engaging investment opportunities with a variety of risk profiles;
  • • To provide a level of service that matches the best of private client management;
  • • To establish an innovative model of funding for SMEs.

Membership is aimed at High Net Worth individuals who wish to work in partnership with Juno, to share the research that the team does, yet make their own investment decisions.

The syndicate offers its members:

  • • 8-10 investments a year
  • • A professional and rigidly implemented investment process, with
  • • Each investment first approved by the syndicate’s Investment Committee
  • • A mixture of lower risk and higher risk investments:
    • o High growth venture; companies in their expansion phase, within 2 rounds of exit.
    • o Lower risk; asset backed fixed income and niche property.

Members are then empowered to decide whether or not to invest, and if they do invest, how much.

All equity investments will qualify for EIS tax relief.