The most frequent questions we are asked and responses to address those queries are outlined below for your ease of reference. However, if the question you have is not shown or you require more detail than our response provides, please do get in touch with a member of the Juno team directly or contact us and we will be delighted to assist you.


What does Juno invest in?

Juno’s members have invested across a range of high growth venture opportunities; EIS qualifying renewable energy businesses; and loans against property and renewable energy assets.

How do I join Juno’s investor syndicate?

Members are required to complete a membership application form, which includes the Terms and Conditions for the syndicate, together with a High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investor form.

I wish to raise funds for my company, can you help me?

Please do get in touch, as we consider all funding opportunities for our members which meet our investment criteria.

Can I obtain EIS relief on the investments that I do with you?

Most, if not all of Juno’s venture equity investments qualify for EIS relief.

Do members invest into a fund?

No. Our members invest directly into underlying businesses via our Nominee partner.

How do you source your investments?

We find our investments from our network of venture funds, co-investment partners, direct approaches from companies, and referrals from our members.

How many investments will I see in a year?

We typically offer our members 6-8 new venture investments each year, together with ongoing debt or loan opportunities.

What experience of venture investing do I need to join Juno as a Syndicate Member?

Syndicate Members do not have to be expert venture investors. While some of our members are undoubtedly highly experienced in this field, others are using their experience with Juno to learn more.

Our only requirement is that new members satisfy the FCA defined status as a High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investor, and that they have a wish to be active.

Do you work with IFAs?

We are particularly keen to welcome IFAs to the membership, as they serve a critical purpose in helping to engage the wider High Net Worth community in venture investing. IFAs join as corporate members and receive exactly the same information and opportunities as all other members.

We work closely with many IFAs to help them, and their clients, build portfolios of EIS qualifying venture investments.

What type of venture investments do you offer?

We tend to focus on later stage opportunities which are in their commercialisation phase and typically within 3-4 years of exit. As a general guide, these are companies that have strong repeat sales and recurring revenues of around £1m. We regard this as an important part of reducing investment risk. We rarely invest in seed rounds.

Is it possible to meet the management teams of each company before I invest?

We run regular members’ events to allow members to meet company management teams, and encourage our members to come and listen to them share their enthusiasm for their businesses. We also run smaller, ad hoc meetings to ensure that where members are unable to join us at one of our bigger events, they can still meet company management before investing.

How does the Juno investment process work?

We work very closely with our Investment Committee to find, and complete due diligence on the investments that meet our selection criterion. This can be a lengthy process as we research the company and its sector, and develop an understanding of it and its challenges and opportunities. An investment is only offered to members once it has been approved by the Investment Committee. View our Investment Process.

How do I invest?

A. For each investment a member is required to complete an application, stating how much they wish to invest and to transfer funds to the syndicate’s administrator, City Partnership. The application enables Juno to manage the completion process on behalf of all Members.

Investments are held with City Nominees reducing administration and the need for multiple share certificates. Instead, members receive regular valuations and updates on their investments via the Members’ area of our website. An EIS3 certificate, which allows each member to claim tax relief, is forwarded once it has been received from HMRC.

When you invest, do you take a controlling interest in the company?

We are not prescriptive about the proportion of a company’s equity that we hold but we are careful to ensure that our aims are completely aligned with those of other stakeholders, including co-investors and management teams. We usually take a seat on the board as investor representative.

Do you have a preference by stage and sector within venture?

We consider all venture sectors equally, although we do favour those companies that are likely to generate 3-5x returns for our members within 3-4 years.