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Management Team

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO

Purple WiFi has developed a guest WiFi software platform which enables data capture so that companies can understand more about their customers and market more effectively to them.

When customers log into the WiFi using their social media accounts, Purple WiFi can tap into valuable information and see an enriched view of customer profiles such as their demographics and how, when and why they move around a physical space such as a store or city centre.

Venues acknowledge that their customers are using mobile devices to compare products and pricing as well as to communicate and share with their friends; and that by facilitating these activities they can promote engagement with their brand rather than a competitors’.

Using the data provided by Purple WiFi, clients can offer customers personalised real-time communications, enhancing customer experience and sales.

Ultimately, Purple WiFi is helping level the playing field between offline and online retailers when it comes to understanding customer behaviour and communicating directly with them whilst in store.