Investment Process

Each investment opportunity will be screened and researched by the Juno team, but must be approved by a quorum of the Juno Investment Committee.

Investment Process

The Juno Investment Committee is made up of six members of the Syndicate. Approval by this committee will result in a cornerstone investment from them as a ‘signal’ to the other members. Typically, this is between £150K - £250K per investment.

Once approved by the Investment Committee, the opportunity is circulated to our members and posted onto the members’ area of our website (this is private and not available to the public). We will then invite members to hear a presentation from the company at one or more early evening or breakfast events.

As a Syndicate, we cannot offer a minimum investment level but we typically invest between £500K - £1m.

Post-investment, one of the Juno team will take up a board position as an investor director. The Juno Syndicate is one of the best connected networks in the UK and we ensure that the full benefit of that network is available to our portfolio companies.