Management Team

Ed Barrow, CEO

The internet as created unparalleled access to information which has led to a complete change in the way people go about making a purchase. Buyers are self-empowered, actively researching significant purchase decisions well before coming into contact with a company.

Companies are doing their best to facilitate this research and are creating more marketing content than ever before – not just product brochures and factsheets but more general information that establishes them as the leaders in their field.

However, there remains a significant challenge in getting the right content in to the hands of the right potential customer at the right time. This is currently most often done using static data such as age, income, past product purchases and is not informed by real-time dynamic factors.

Idio believes that we are what we read. In other words what we read is highly predictive of our interests and intents. It has therefore developed a suite of products that generate real insights from what each individual is reading about and provides relevant content recommendations using those insights. This information can also integrate with CRM systems so that potential customers are better qualified as sales leads using the resultant individualised profiles and salesmen are consequently empowered to have more relevant conversations increasing sale closure.

Idio’s clients are typically large financial institutions such as JP Morgan, Toronto Dominion and IG Group; large software vendors such as IRIS and Opentext; and media companies such as Bauer Media and Scripps.