Claire Corbin

Edward Rudd, Partner

Edward’s first venture investment was in 1991 into a new fruit farm venture in Chile. It was not until 1995 that his interest in technology investment was sparked after having experienced AOL’s aggressive advertising campaigns while visiting the US. Following some research, that year he then invested in a portfolio of early internet companies including AOL, Ameritrade, Excite, Lycos; and Amazon, notably more than two years before it launched in the UK.

He joined Ludgate Investments, a firm then specialising in University spinouts in 2002 and left in in 2004 to co-found Longbow Capital LLP, a specialist healthcare investment firm where he was responsible for sourcing and researching new opportunities. He led several investments including those into Biotronics3D, Calon Cardio, Destiny Pharma, Domainex, Abzena (formerly called Polytherics - listed on AiM in 2014), and Sky Medical Technologies.

Together with Julian, he co-founded Juno Capital as a platform to give confidence to individuals looking to invest in young technology companies.

Edward is a Chartered Accountant and a PPE graduate from Oxford University.