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Management Team

Eddy Littler, CEO

Domainex is a Cambridge-based biotech company which operates a hybrid business model. This model enables revenue generation through its services business, in parallel with the development of an internal drug discovery pipeline.

Domainex has an exceptional track record of drug candidate delivery. It has a world-class discovery team with the unrivalled track record of averaging one candidate drug delivered every year in the past six on behalf of its clients.

Domainex has also utilized its expertise and proprietary technologies to develop its own internal pipeline. Its lead programme targets key kinases (TBK1/IKKe) to develop new drugs against inflammatory indications such as COPD and psoriasis. Domainex's compounds have been demonstrated to be efficacious in in vivo models and we are now progressing to GLP studies.

Domainex has also focussed its capabilities on the development of an epigenetics-targeted pipeline, namely against the protein methyl-transferases (PKMT). Domainex is a leader in PKMT drug discovery and is developing highly potent, selective and drug-like compounds.