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Gideon Lask, CEO

Buyapowa enables online retailers to manage and launch effective social media enabled referral marketing campaigns. Referral marketing campaigns co-opt existing customers to find new ones.

Retailers are spending over 18% of their marketing budgets on social media, but this is responsible for less than 0.2% of sales. This spending makes some sense as we are spending increasing time on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, email, Whatsapp and text messages. However, Retailers are under pressure to generate more attributable sales through these channels.

Buyapowa has created a new form of ecommerce that brings together co-creation, dynamic pricing and gamification to campaigns; giving customers a say in what campaigns are launched, creating tiered rewards as more people join in and incentivising people to introduce the most people. Behind these campaigns is an analytics dashboard that highlights campaign effectiveness and identifies the biggest advocates.

Socially inspired marketing campaigns generate 63% of new customers, have higher engagement rates and greater long term value than traditional affiliate marketing programmes that often redirect existing low quality customers back for ever larger discounts. Clients include Tesco, Ocado, O2 and other major UK retailers.