Investment News 4,069 views Jun 26, 2017
Where Angels don’t fear to tread – lending a hand to start-up

In this column I have previously outlined what I believe are the key principles for a contemporary and effective Industrial Strategy.

The UK ranks third in the world for start-up businesses but not so well in the follow-up phase. The Business Growth Fund has demonstrated that there is significant demand for funding small and medium-sized businesses that have gone past the start-up stage.

We have a long way to go, however, in performing as well as the US in this crucial area of the economy.

I have been a long-standing and committed supporter of start-ups through my role as a “business angel”. Angel investors are typically established entrepreneurs and business leaders.

In addition to deploying our own cash in seeding highly innovative, often disruptive and inevitably risky, new businesses, we are passionate about mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs.